Frequently asked questions

Do you provide a mobile service?

Yes we do provide a mobile service. Covering Gloucestershire and neighbouring counties we have a detailing vehicle that has all the detailing equipment required, from pressure washers to a 500l water tank and all of our preferred partner products from ph neutral snow foam to ceramic coating We will check whether we have access to water and power as a matter of courtesy As time progresses we are in discussions with a number of dealerships, private businesses and unit owners around the services we can offer to our customers and having a drop off service

Do you provide a general valeting/ car wash service?

We strive to be more than a "bucket and sponge" valeting company. We would rather work through the best options with you. Our packages start from £40 and the preparation that goes into our work is the same for all packages, it includes; High pressure snow foam pre-wash Wheel arches treated Door shuts & sills treated pH neutral shampoo used 2 bucket method wash Tar spot removal Vehicle Rinse Dried with a deep pile drying towel Tyres, plastics and trim dressed Glass polished and treated The difference is then how the vehicle is "finished" from a double layer wax, to sealant through to our top end ceramic coatings

What is Vehicle detailing?

Generally, the correct definition for the term car detailing is to professionally clean, polish and then protect all parts of a vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out, using specialist tools and products that would not normally be used by your typical car cleaner/ valeting washes The main area and aim of car detailing is to fully enhance and restore the vehicles paintwork by eliminating light to medium scratches and the dreaded swirl marks that appear on all vehciles over time and that reflect the light in such a way that they give an unsightly cob webbing effect on the surface of the paint or clear coat. Vehicle Detailing is ultimately the ability to correct, protect and maintain the showroom finish that all vehicle owners shoudl expect 888 aim to provide high quality workmanship, using high quality products and machinery to cater for all budgets and vehicle types. Not just the prestige/ Supercars but also the family/ everyday car

What products do you use and are they safe for my car?

aWe use a selection of market leaders products when detailing cars, including Carbon Collective, Meguiars, Gtechniq, and Autoglym to name a few All of our snow foam and shampoo's are PH neutral which cleans brilliantly, but, doesnt remove any sealant that has been applied. Our sealants are proven to last from 3 months to 3 years depending on the product and package that you choose, our aim is for 888 Detailing to be able to work with all budgets and will offer the best products and finishes to suit We are constantly speaking to existing and new suppliers and looking at any brand/ market changes to make sure we continue to use the best products and equipment One of 888 Detailing's key differences to the normal "hand car wash/ Valeter" is we take huge care and pride in our work and want you to be regular customers, we will also aim to give the vehicles a finish that was better than when it was new and, ultimately, in a "better than showroom state" and ultimately give the vehicle a higher resale value

How can I pay 888 Detailing?

We accept the following forms of payment Cash Bank Transfer Paypal Card Payment Details, available upon request

Are you insured?

Yes, 888 Detailing have full public liabiity insurance and accidental damage, however, we have never needed to use this

Detailing seems quite expensive, why is that?

Detailing may seem expensive, but, in comparison to what a dealer would charge, is noticeably cheaper. A main dealer, for example, would charge approx. 3 to 4 times higher for labour and parts and 888 aim to be as cost suportive as possible to our customers The biggest difference with 888 Detailing is our time we take on your vehicles, as our details take between 4 and 8 hours depending on the package you have chosen. We also take great pride in what we do and will share before and after pictures of all our work To try and keep costs down, we offer a package price which helps to keep costs low and then then also means that customers know what they are paying in advance. With the selection of our packages ranging from £40, we aim to suit all budgets for all vehicles for all customers

My car isn't brand new, does that matter?

Not at all, we have seen some of our best results from cars that have been generally neglected or even just used to the "sponge and bucket" method. Using a professional method of decontamination, correction and protection and then mixing this with high quality products means 888 Detaling are confident of restoring the majority of vehicles to a better than showroom finish Have a look at our social media pages and our website gallery for the before and after pictures of a variety of vehicles in a variety of states

Do 888 Detailing have a price list?

We do have a price list, however, due to the number of options we have 888 found it easier to work with customers to understand their budget, vehicle, detailing requirements and ultimately, their long term plan with their vehicle. This allows us to bespoke our offer for all customers We detail all vehicles from Bikes to Caravans, from Commercial vans to Prestige/Supercars, and from lease/ new cars to classic cars. The range of these vehicles mean that we can offer a range of prices. Maintenance details and simple panel scracth removal start from £40