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Difficult Pet Hair removal tips.....

Fed up of looking in the car and there is hair on all the surfaces which transfers to your clother? We know that one of the most difficult parts of our work on the inside of a car is when it comes to removing pet hair, especially when its ingrained deep into older carpets. What we are going to do is provide a few tips you can try, these are also great for in your home

Soak the palm of your hand.

Wipe the pet hair off in a downward/ towards you motion. The pet hair will collect and ball up and should stick to your damp hand.

How does this work? As the hair becomes wet it becomes heavier. This results in it being unable to stick in your carpets/ seats due to you creating static electricity, this can also be used with a rubber glove if you dont fancy getting your hands dirty, for the child in you a balloon is an unexpected aid!

Remember to dry the surface throughly after!

Use Velcro/ sticky rollers

Similar to the process above, try to move in simple straight lines, downwards then left to right

Use Rubber soles

As above, drag the sole of a rubber soled shoe in one dorection and the hair will again ball up

Raid the Laundry Cupboard

Tumble dryer sheets are a fanastic quick way to attract pet hair! Rub across the carpet and then vacuum after, will also leave a pleasant smell if scented

Fabric softener is als useful, mix with water and mist onto the surface as a "prep" before attempting any of the above methods

In all honesty, prevention is the best cure!!! there are plenty of expensive and wonderful products you can buy but look closer to home.... you may be surprised

We use similar when we are working on car interiors, be careful of harmful chemicals and use well ventilated at all times

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