I often get asked what the the difference is between Vehicle Detailing and Valeting. it isnt that difficult really as Detailing, compared to Valeting, is an entirely different beast....

Detailing is a process that is focussed mainly on bringing the paintwork, plastics and exterior metals back to their absolute best. Think of it as a paint correction process that aims to remove scratches, blemishes and swirl marks. It improves clarity of paint, improves finish of trim and if done properly makes maintenance a breeze.

The level of “detail” of the prep of the car to the drying and then when moving to the main stage, correction and protection is another level. Machine polishers and abrasive polishes are used extensively during detailing, along with precise specialist tools that enable the experts to reach tricky areas and tackle the tiny little details (hence the name!) that a normal clean, wash and wax inevitably miss. This is why detailing takes 4+ hours and not 20 mins.

The result is a vehicle that really does look like new, if not better, and a finish that will last for a significant amount of time, we are talking upwards of 3 months to approx 2 years. Not just a sponge and rinse finish from your local hand car washes

Simply, if you really want to look after your car, irrespective of age, from an aesthetic point of view and value the way it looks and ultimately how it can be protected, detailing is something that’s certainly worth investing in during your car’s life with you

The question then is around cost of Detailing v Valeting...Is it more expensive, yes, does it use better products, yes, does it give better results, 100% yes.

What detailing isn’t is a cheap alternative, due to the nature of the above, however what it can be is a viable cost option and allows for simple maintenance.


However, did you know that 888 detailing plans start from £80? Did you know that our regular maintenance washes start from £25, did you know we come to you? Did you know you can choose your choice of options? No? Then send us a message/ email or call and see what we can do